Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Is Narendra Modi an invincible election king?

When it comes to winning elections, Narendra Modi comes out at the top.Modi’s win percentage in the elections is far at the top compared...

Which party will win the Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018?

It is time for a tough battle to be fought in the Centre of the country in 2018. Who will be the next CM? Will...

Independence Day Narendra Modi’s speech seemed optimistic as well as aspiring

Narendra Modi is famous for his powerful speeches and his speech on the 71st Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort in...


Future prospects of India-Canada’s International Relations

Canada is home to 1.2 million people of Indian origin which comprises of more than 3.7% of the total Canadian population. They are one...


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Election History


What Next For Goa’s Politics?

Manohar Parrikar, Goa Chief Minister and former Defence Minister of India passed, passed away on 17 March 2019. Parrikar had been battling with Pancreatic...

Can India Afford A War?

Image of the bus after the blast which was carrying the 76th Battalion

Anatomy of the Pulwama Attack


All you need to know about By-elections in Delhi and Goa

Most of the people in the country are unaware of the by-elections taking place anywhere in the country. These elections are overshadowed by the...
Digital India Campaign

Digital India Campaign: Advantages and Privacy Threat

On 1 July 2015 Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Digital India campaign to ensure that the Government services are made available to all citizens...

How Close Is The Modi Government To Full Electrification?

In September 2015, UN member countries adopted 17 goals for sustainable development, under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These 17 goals broadly consist...
Congress losing

Why is Congress losing its ground in India?

Being the first party of the Indian subcontinent, Indian National Congress always played a major role in this country from being a mediator between...
10% Quota

10% Quota for Economically weak – A path breaking step

Today, 10% quota for Economically weak in General category has been passed in LokSabha. Yesterday when. The famous Reservation system of our country now...
Lok sabha election 2019

Pakoda Politics: Will it help BJP in Lok Sabha election 2019?

In weeks after the Budget of the nation is declared, you expect that it will be the talking point. In India, though anything can...
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West Bengal Civic Polls: Why BJP is the biggest gainer?

The recent West Bengal Civic Polls was a major victory for the TMC government right in front of the very anticipated and important, closely...

Are BJP’s recent loses an indicator of end of the Modi...

Since 2014 BJP has been riding on MODI LEHAR  to sweep polls across the country with Bihar assembly and Delhi assembly polls as the...
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