Is Narendra Modi an invincible election king?

When it comes to winning elections, Narendra Modi comes out at the top.Modi’s win percentage in the elections is far at the top compared...

Which party will win the Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018?

It is time for a tough battle to be fought in the Centre of the country in 2018. Who will be the next CM? Will...

Independence Day Narendra Modi’s speech seemed optimistic as well as aspiring

Narendra Modi is famous for his powerful speeches and his speech on the 71st Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort in...



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Election History


What Next For Goa’s Politics?

Manohar Parrikar, Goa Chief Minister and former Defence Minister of India passed, passed away on 17 March 2019. Parrikar had been battling with Pancreatic...

Can India Afford A War?

Image of the bus after the blast which was carrying the 76th Battalion

Anatomy of the Pulwama Attack


Indian Railways doing well under the Modi government

Is Indian Railways doing well under the Modi government?

Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. It is one of the most important modes of transport. It provides services...
Here are the challenges Nirmala Sitharaman could face as Defense Minister

Here are the challenges Nirmala Sitharaman could face as Defense Minister

Before going to see the challenges Nirmala Sitharaman could face, look up her early life. Nirmala Sitharaman succeeded Arun Jaitley by becoming the Defense Minister...
Indian Rupee

Why Indian Rupee is failing against US Dollor

The rupee has become the weakest currency in Asia currently. It is facing one of the worst economic crisis ever owing to the current...
Relevance of Caste in Politics

What is the Relevance of Caste in Politics?

Do you think Caste plays a role in today's Indian Politics? Of course, there is a huge influence of Caste in Politics. We have all...

How Close Is The Modi Government To Full Electrification?

In September 2015, UN member countries adopted 17 goals for sustainable development, under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These 17 goals broadly consist...
Rajya Sabha

What is the role of Rajya Sabha as an upper house in our legislature?

The Rajya Sabha election results are just out. But does it cause much of a stir among the common people? Not really. Why will...
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What is the conflict between America and North Korea?

The relationship between North Korea and the United States of America are hostile and primarily developed during the Korean War. In recent years, their...

Are Simultaneous Elections to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas Constitutionally Sound?

After the recent streak of television interviews given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the possibility of simultaneous elections to the 17th Lok Sabha and...
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