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BJP loose Rajasthan Elections. Even though BJP is in power in Rajasthan as well as in the centre, the recent Rajasthan Bypolls elections prove that people are not happy with Vasundhara Raje’s reign. Their faith in her is declining. Here are 6 reasons why BJP might lose Rajasthan Elections.

Rajasthan will be going for its assembly elections for its 200 legislative assembly seats later this year. There are various factors to prove that Congress can win the Rajasthan Assembly elections in 2018. Let’s try to understand a few of them –

1. Anti-Vasundhara Sentiments –

The people of Rajasthan are no longer in favour of Vasundhara Raje’s autocratic rule. There are many factors responsible for this –

  • Her policies did not satisfy the doctors, teachers, farmers and trading community as well as the dominant Rajput community
  • She had reduced the budget and even suspended some of the welfare schemes which were introduced by the previous Congress government, for example- ‘free medicine for all’ program. She is also accused of closing 17000 schools.
  • She is inaccessible, not only to her party workers but also to the public of Rajasthan. She was unable to handle the Ramganj mob violence. In many other cases, like the attack of Karni Sena during the release of Padmaavat, or the hacking of a Muslim man in Rajsamand, she was not available to give a response to the people.
  • Even though the BJP government promised ‘Vikas’, still they have not done much in the field of development. Many of the promised solar power projects have not been launched yet.
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Hence, all these factors have together aroused feelings of resentment towards Vasundhara Raje. The people no longer sympathise with her and want to do away with the autocratic functioning of her government.

2. It is a known fact that the recent Bypolls elections will set the tone for the Rajasthan State Assembly elections and Congress has scored full marks in it. Delivering a major blow to the ruling BJP, the party won the Alwar and Ajmer parliamentary seats, as well as the Mandalgarh assembly, all of which, interestingly, was initially held by the BJP. In Alwar, Congress won by 2 lakh votes, in Ajmer by 84k and in Mandalgarh by 12k votes. This victory has greatly boosted the morale of the Congress party workers and they are confident of their victory in the 2018 Assembly elections too. This victory in bypolls has fulfilled the Congress’s need for electoral wins and proves that the public sentiments are taking a massive turn, and perhaps the party is doing something right.

While campaigning for the elections, Congress accused Raje’s government of promoting the politics of polarization and hate crimes, especially against Muslims.

An interesting point that should be noted is that in all the three constituencies, Congress emerged victorious not by a small margin, but by a huge majority. This proves that the Congress leaders are gaining mass popularity across different sections of society. It also resonates with Raje’s failure. Hence, these Bypolls elections give clear indications of Congress’s victory in the Assembly elections.

3. Raje’s government has also faced the wrath of the Rajput community which accounts for its main vote bank. Let’s understand the reasons behind this occurrence-

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  • The encounter of Rajput gangster Anandpal-Anandpal was a fugitive from jail, rumoured to have known many secrets about the corrupt dealings of ministers in government He was the most wanted gangster with a reward of Rs 5 Lakh on his head. He was killed in June last year, in what is assumed as a fake encounter. This angered the Rajput community who blocked roads, vandalised public property and demonstrated against the police to press for an inquiry(because they assumed the encounter was staged). Karni Sena, Pratap Foundation and Shree Rajput Sabha also joined the protests. Their leaders questioned the silence of the 28 Rajput MLAs and publicly threatened to withdraw their support to the BJP in the next assembly elections.
  • Additionally, Rajput Karni Sena also celebrated the Rajasthan Bypolls, commenting that the failure of the BJP government to stop the release of ‘Padmaavat’ was the main reason for BJP’s poor performance.

Hence, both these factors have together resulted in the Rajputs’ discontentment with the ruling BJP government. They constituted almost 8-10 percent of their vote bank and without their support, the chances of BJP ‘s victory is quite shrouded.

4. The boost in energy and morale of the Congress party workers is because of the one and only Sachin Pilot. He is a well educated and an able leader, who also had previous experience of handling the ministry (he was the Union Minister for Corporate Affairs in the previous Congress Government.)He is the one responsible for Congress’s victory in the bypolls elections, working day and night to achieve this goal. His various campaigns(like Matkaphodand Mera booth Mera Gaurav) have made him highly popular amongst the public. Speculations of his being the next CM candidate on Rajasthan are also in the air. His relentless hardworking will surely benefit Congress in gaining electoral mandates.

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5. People want Ashok Gehlot’s government back, as it was quite peaceful as compared to the current Raje’s reign. Incidents of mob violence (the Ramganj case),cow-related hate crimes(Pehlu Khan’s murder case), Karni Sena ‘s protests of Padmavati, as well as other casteist and communal violence cases have put Rajasthan in a bad light. Raje’s government has done almost next to nothing in controlling such hate crimes. The people are exhausted with such issues of violence and want the peaceful tenure of the Congress government back.

6. Even the pre-poll surveys paint the picture of Congress’s victory. Latest Rajasthan election survey conducted by ABP-CSDS has predicted losses for the BJP in Rajasthan as well as MP in upcoming assembly elections. According to the Mood of the Nation survey too Congress will sweep the Rajasthan polls,.

Also participate in our Rajasthan Opinion Poll 2018 and let us know who will will Rajasthan Elections 2018.

Hence, these factors clearly explain the current politics of Rajasthan ….and the ground scenario is that Congress has an upper hand in this state and has all the tools and mechanisms as well as the massive support of the people to win the upcoming assembly elections. 


  1. the Pune police conducted several raids in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa and Ranchi in the houses of left-wing activists. This is the second such crackdown by the police after the Bhima Koregaon event which turned violent. These raids were carried out to investigate the alleged connection that the activists had with the protest. The police seized around 25,000 GB of data from the five arrested persons who are suspected of having Maoist links.


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