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If you are the one who wants to contest the election, want to promote yourself, showcase the work was done by you, your affiliated political party, or you are someone from election commission and want people to participate more in elections, advertising on Election Tamasha might be is a good idea.

Why Election Tamasha?

1- Opinion makers trust Election Tamasha:

It is one such platform where opinion makers in the political domain come to read the opinion/ our analysis. We might have just started but able to garner the attention of political readers.

2 – Target Audience:

Our site is visited by people above the age of 18 years. The people who actually go out to vote or influences the people around them to vote for someone.

3 –  Affordable Pricing:

As we are just started, we understand that you might have just started to make your political image or your political party ones. Our pricing is very affordable and we use native advertising so it doesn’t become a disturbance for the people.

If you looking our to boost your image or want to promote the work done by you to your target audience. Election Tamasha is the perfect platform for you.

Get in Touch:

You can write to us at 

Based on your requirement, we will send you a customized proposal.