Saturday, December 7, 2019
BJP policies

How did BJP policies perform in last 4 years?

Bharatiya Janta Party is a right-wing party and was formed on 6th April 1980. It has close ideological and organisational links to Hindu Nationalist RSS i.e, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. A...

What will be the effect of NRC on 2019 elections?

The drafting of the NRC undertaken by the Bhartiya Janta Party started in May-August 2015with the aim of formulating a list containing the names of all Indian citizens living...
Modi Lehar

Are BJP’s recent loses an indicator of end of the Modi Lehar?

Since 2014 BJP has been riding on MODI LEHAR  to sweep polls across the country with Bihar assembly and Delhi assembly polls as the two major blow to that...
How Has Modi’s ‘Make In India’ Campaign Performed By Now?

How Has Modi’s ‘Make in India’ Campaign Performed By Now?

Prime minister Narendra Modi announced an initiative Make in India in 2014 which aimed to encourage national, as well as multi-national companies to manufacture their products in India which...
functions of the Indian president

What are the functions of the Indian President?

The President of India is the head of the state. He is the first citizen of India. The President acts as the symbol of unity, integrity, and solidarity of...
religious politics

Couto’s letter: Why religious politics is a threat to country?

We all know that India is a secular country. The constitution of India gives religious freedom to each and every individual so that they can express their opinions and practise...
Congress make a comeback in 2019 Election

Can Congress make a comeback in 2019 election drawing from its past experience?

In order to divulge in the question of electoral issues and its complexities in India, which has held 16 major Lok Sabha Elections it is important to understand the...
Rajya Sabha

What is the role of Rajya Sabha as an upper house in our legislature?

The Rajya Sabha election results are just out. But does it cause much of a stir among the common people? Not really. Why will it? The common people do...
best speeches of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

7 best speeches of Atal Bihari Vajpayee you must listen

Atal Bihari Vajpayee the first non-Congress Prime Minister to complete a full term, passed away recently leaving behind a legacy of reforms and initiatives. But what the common man...
GST report card

GST Report Card: How it has fared in a year?

"GST is not only the victory of integrity but also a celebration of honesty. Earlier, in the case of taxation and allied affairs in the country, there were rampant...
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