Saturday, December 7, 2019
10% Quota

10% Quota for Economically weak – A path breaking step

Today, 10% quota for Economically weak in General category has been passed in LokSabha. Yesterday when. The famous Reservation system of our country now includes a new point for...
Lok sabha elections 2019

Will BJP survive a united opposition in Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Today BJP rules 21 states, either directly or with its allies, painting the country with its saffron beauty. It has a countrywide presence. BJP’s victory in the general election...
Indian Rupee

Why Indian Rupee is failing against US Dollor

The rupee has become the weakest currency in Asia currently. It is facing one of the worst economic crisis ever owing to the current account deficit and since this...
Indian Railways doing well under the Modi government

Is Indian Railways doing well under the Modi government?

Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. It is one of the most important modes of transport. It provides services to its passengers as well...
rafale deal controversy

Rafale Deal Controversy: Fraud or Mere Fuss?

In the last few weeks, there have been a number of press conferences and social media posts on the Rafale deal. The term refers to the defence deal between...
Rahul Gandhi

Is Rahul Gandhi addicted to cocaine as claimed by Dr. Subramanian Swamy?

Congress party president Rahul Gandhi had faced a lot of controversies every now and then by the opposition party leaders. The most prominent party of making such accusations against...
Cabinet reshuffle:Anything to do with BJP's 2019 elections campaign?

Cabinet reshuffle: Has it anything to do with BJP’s 2019 elections campaign?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reshuffled the cabinet for the third time and most probably for the last time, before 2019 general elections. As always, Modi surprised everyone by taking...
religious politics

Couto’s letter: Why religious politics is a threat to country?

We all know that India is a secular country. The constitution of India gives religious freedom to each and every individual so that they can express their opinions and practise...

All you need to know about By-elections in Delhi and Goa

Most of the people in the country are unaware of the by-elections taking place anywhere in the country. These elections are overshadowed by the general elections and very less...
Rahul Gandhi's recent foreign trips

How Rahul Gandhi’s recent foreign trips hurt the Congress?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s recent visits abroad sparked a lot of controversy due to his attack on the present Modi led NDA government. He criticized the Modi regime on...
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