Thursday, January 23, 2020
Karnataka's Governor decision

Has Karnataka’s Governor decision made way for unconstitutional democracy?

The country witnessed another state election on 12th may 2018 in Karnataka and on 15th may this cakewalk turned into a cliffhanger for BJP. BJP has a total tally of 104...
Karnataka election 2018 exit polls

Karnataka Election 2018 exit polls predict hung assembly

Finally, the madness comes to a temporary halt or has it not. Maybe the PM is still campaigning in Nepal or maybe the Congress has seen some exit polls....
Karnataka elections

4 key Factors which can help BJP in Karnataka Elections

With Karnataka elections approaching, the question is if Modi would be able to divert the elections in favour of BJP?  Let us examine the various factors which reflect positive...
Karnataka elections 2018

Which party will win Karnataka Elections 2018?

The people of Karnataka will vote on May 12 in the Karnataka elections 2018 that is crucial for both Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of the Congress and the BJP, which has...
Lingayat as a new religion

Will Lingayat as a new religion lead Congress to a victory in Karnataka?

Karnataka government on 19th March 2018, Monday recognized Lingayats as a separate religious minority and accepted the recommendation of a committee under the state Minorities Commission Act. The proposal...
Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

What is the Strategy of BJP for Karnataka Assembly Election 2018?

For Bhartiya Janta Party victory in all three elections in North East is just the start. The year brings them the task of retaining their own forts.  Forts like...
Karnataka election poll

Karnataka election poll: Rate Karnataka government performance out of 10

Participate in Karnataka election poll and tell us how much will you rate Karnataka government performance out of 10 in Karnataka and also give in your views in the...
Karnataka Polls

What is the Strategy of Congress for Karnataka Polls?

The last standing bastion of Congress in the south, Karnataka goes to poll soon and they are all set to defend it. For Congress and their new President Rahul...
Congress government schemes

How has Congress Government Schemes performed during Siddaramaiah Government?

The political heat in Karnataka is set to rise in coming days. With Karnataka elections 2018 coming close all, the parties are listing out their achievements. The achievements of...
Performance of Congress government

How is the performance of congress government in karnataka under Siddarmaiyah

Before the big season of 2019 elections plays out, we have the matter of semi-finals to be played in 2018. In this semi-final, we have the key state of...
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