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National Integration is Just Rhetoric for the BJP?

National integration

“Bharat ke tukde tak...”, for months now every student who has asked for affordable quality education and employment with dignity have been accused of aspiring to break up India by Sambit Mahapatra on noisy television shows. We have been promptly called anti-national and when some of us fainted in the

What is the role of religion/religious gurus in Indian Politics?

Indian Politics

Political participation refers to voting, lobbying, convincing others to vote and other related activities. In most cases, the most dominant measure of political participation is the number of people who turn out on voting day. A number of reasons have been postulated to explain why participation in the political activity

Is the Indian Democracy a success or failure?

Indian Democracy

India, the largest democracy of the world seeks to look after the benefits of its people. It has a long and detailed constitution with its underlying features. It has a detailed understanding of the rights of the citizens and proper procedure for the functioning of the democratic government. Fundamental rights

Caste based Reservations: Discrimination behind the drape of equality.

Caste based Reservations

In India, based on caste, religion, and gender, a percentage of seats are reserved for religious minorities, Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in educational institutions, government jobs, and the legislature. The reservation system was introduced when India got independence from Britain. Even before the Independence, numerous attempts were

What is the conflict between America and North Korea?

conflict between America and North Korean.

The relationship between North Korea and the United States of America are hostile and primarily developed during the Korean War. In recent years, their relationship has been defined by North Korea’s six tests of nuclear weapons, its development of long-range missiles which are capable of striking targets thousands of miles

Section 377 of IPC : A social evil yet to be curbed!

Section 377 of IPC

Section 377 of IPC ( Indian Penal Code)is probably one of the most controversial sections of the Indian Constitution. However, most of us are probably unaware of its origins and implications. What does section 377 of IPC actually deal with? Before looking at its origins let us see what it actually states

Are Simultaneous Elections to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas Constitutionally Sound?

Simultaneous Elections

After the recent streak of television interviews given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the possibility of simultaneous elections to the 17th Lok Sabha and all State Assemblies has returned to the political discourse in the country. Although the issue was in limelight in 1999 after the 170th Law Commission Report,

Why is Congress losing its ground in India?

Congress losing

Being the first party of the Indian subcontinent, Indian National Congress always played a major role in this country from being a mediator between the crown and subjects to becoming a freedom fighter’s party till governing the nation for past 70 years (64years of Government rule). Although the impact of