The First Year of Modi 2.0 was historic for India in many ways. The Major decisions which was taken in first 8 months of the tenure overturned the Historic Mistakes after Independence.

After the Re-Election of PM Modi with a bigger majority than 2014’s, the BJP supporters had already speculated that Government will fulfill Party’s long pending Core Agendas such as Ram Temple Construction, Abrogation of Article 370, Uniform Civil Code and others. BUT at the beginning of the term PM Modi appeared to be soft, He came up with “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas”, saying that they will now have to gain the Trust of Minorities, especially MUSLIMS. In first few months their were few incidents of Temple Vandalising, other such incidents and the inaction of Government on the issues besides Amit Shah being Home Minister which brought unrest among Right Wing. Then Modi Government came up with a Scholarship Scheme for Muslims which furthered the unrest, Core Supporters started blaming Modi Government for appeasement Politics, they thought BJP is going Congress way, after having such a huge Majority supporters was not ready to tolerate such things and Why should they?. Amidst all this The Modi 2.0 had fulfilled some promises they made- PM KISAN scheme was extended to all the farmers, Brought a pension scheme for Farmers and Unorganised sector, Govt was in action from the Day 1 about policy decision.

Complete Integration of Jammu and Kashmir:

Then came the month of August, There were some Developments happening in Jammu and Kashmir. Security around the state was increased in phases, leaders of PDP and National Conference was put in House Arrest which was indicating towards a upcoming Big Move. Many things were being speculated, some said Article 370 will be Revoked, some said Article 35A will be Scrapped, some Said Ladakh will be made Union Territory and Some Said Entire Jammu and Kashmir State will be made Union Territory. As we know PM Modi doesn’t fear in taking BIG and Risky decisions. Knowing the possible consequences which may be worse , He took an out of the box decision, no one thought the decision will be this Big, He did all the 4 things which were speculated in one shot !! Article 370 and 35A was scrapped, J and K , Laddakh was made 2 different Union Terriotories. The implementation was more difficult than the decision itself but nothing major happened, People of the state faced problems but their was peace all over India. Almost Every Party supported or was neutral on this move Except Congress and couple of small parties. This Move Scrapped the Special Status to the state, broke the barriers and fully integrated Jammu and Kashmir in the Union of India.

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RAM Janambhoomi:

One of the Most Important issue, the Issue which raised BJP in initial years was Ram Temple issue. Supporters were expecting from Modi Govt to do something on the issue but PM Modi kept this issue calm. He waited for the Court to take a decision. Court took long but in the month of September 2019, Supreme Court paved the way towards the Construction Of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Being the most sensitive issue of the Country, Managing the law and order situation was a great challenge but Everything Happened peacefully this time as well, this should surely be considered as an achievement of the Modi 2.0.

Triple Talaq :

Making a law against the inhumane practice of Triple Talaq was on the wishlist of Modi Government from the first term. They brought the Legislature against Triple Talaq but it was
stalled by the opposition in Rajyasabha. In the MODI 2.0, they brought this issue to conclusion as well and successfully made a law giving Justice to the Muslim Women. This too went peacefully.

CAA and NRC :

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was also in the wishlist of Modi Government from 1st tenure but it failed to pass in Rajyasabha as the 5 year tenure of Government had completed before they could table the bill. However this became Reality in MODI 2.0 and Citizenship Amendment Bill took shape of Act, as it was passed in in both the houses. But, The misinformation spread by the opposition regarding CAA and NRC resulted in the massive outbreak of Protests which was not predicted by the Government. It seemed like all the frustration against the series of Decisions taken in the 2nd term came out at once in the form of Anti-CAA and NRC Protests. Cases of Violence were also reported. The Protests Continued and it took Form of Riots. The Delhi Riots was pre planned considering the Visit of US President Donald Trump to India. The Anti CAA lobby was active till COVID19 Pandemic Arrived.

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Economic Recession:

The Economy has been a Major Concern and an issue of Crticism for Modi 2.0. The GDP growth rate saw a fall in 8 consecutive Quarters from 8% in Q1 of FY 2018-19 to 3.1% in Q4 of FY 2019-20. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has faced Continuous Criticism on her Economic Policies. Besides this the other achievements of the Government overshadows the Economic Recession. As PM Modi has called for ‘AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT’ Its the Duty of us Indians to support and be ‘Vocal for Local’ to give a boost to the Economy. Let’s hope for the best in the Future !

COVID 19 Pandemic :

Whole World is in a Mess due to the spread of Corona Virus. Their seems no end to this problem. PM Modi was quick to act and impose 21 days complete lockdown before cases reached even 1000. Lockdown is being extended continuously for 3 times with few more relaxations each time after the first one. India is now in lockdown for more than 2 months , however the lockdown period has given a window which equipped the Healtcare facilities such as testing and treatment further to deal with the possible more severe outbreak. Let’s wish that the handling of Pandemic should make way in the Achievements list of MODI 2.0.

As PM Modi has said earlier “Ye to sirf Trailer hai” and many more things are yet to be done. It will be interesting to see what’s in the bag for remaining 4 years.

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