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Can BJP win Karnataka elections 2018?

Karnataka elections 2018

After the victory of BJP in Gujarat which created win-win situation for both the National parties, Bharatiya Janata Party and Indian National Congress, BJP has started looking towards Karnataka which is generally considered to be the gateway to south politics by many political strategists. Unlike, other parts of India, Southern

How Has Modi’s ‘Make in India’ Campaign Performed By Now?

How Has Modi’s ‘Make In India’ Campaign Performed By Now?

Prime minister Narendra Modi announced an initiative Make in India in 2014 which aimed to encourage national, as well as multi-national companies to manufacture their products in India which will create jobs and enhance skills of youths in 25 key sectors like automobile, broadcasting, defence manufacturing, mining, aviation etc. Let's

Gujarat opinion poll: Who will win Gujarat assembly election 2017?

2019 opinion poll

As the tenure of the BJP government in Gujarat is in its last phase, the Gujarat election is around the corner. Read more: Rahul Gandhi Vows To Make A Comeback In Gujarat Elections Participate in Gujarat election opinion poll and let us know which party do you think will win Gujrat assembly election

Gujarat Elections 2017: How did BJP perform in the last 5 years?

Gujarat Elections 2017: How did BJP perform in the last 5 years?

The state of Gujarat is preparing for the 14th Assembly Election this November - December. Before talking about the Gujarat Elections 2017, it is essential to evaluate the BJP's tenure in the last five years. After winning assembly elections for the straight fifth time in 2012, BJP is considered to be

Why Congress is unable to defeat BJP in Gujarat?

Why Congress is unable to defeat BJP in Gujarat?

Gujarat, which has been home state for the great Congress leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, was once dominated by the Indian National Congress. Until 1995, Congress used to rule Gujarat and was always considered favorite. However, the same Congress Party which used to rule the state