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It has been over four years since Modi Government came into power. During the election rallies, Narendra Modi has promised Rs. 15 lakhs for every citizen of India. Till now, not a single person has been provided with such amount of money. On the other hand, Modi government performance till now has depleted the hard earned money from the bank accounts of common people with failed practices of demonetisation and GST. To analyze work done by Modi Government till now, corruption has increased by many folds in India whereas Modi’s 2014 election manifesto promises corruption-free government in 2014. In his rallies, Modi has always blamed the UPA government for neglecting its economical responsibilities and paralyzing the country politically. He presented the example of Gujarat, where he served as the Chief Minister, in front of India to compares the nation’s economic model. He also made the promise to make India ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ again if he was elected as the Prime Minister. Till now, every single promise made by Modi turns out as complete lies to gain votes for BJP party and the nation has suffered a lot due to Modi’s poor leadership and corrupt party.  

Let’s take a look at the work done by Modi is last four years and how the NDA government led by PM Modi has fulfilled the promises of economic and infrastructural which were made during 2014 election to fool Indian population.

How GDP fared under Modi Government:

Modi Government

If we take a look on Year on Year (YoY) GDP growth, the best years under Modi Governance were 2015-16 when the GDP witnessed a growth around 8%. The party came into power a year ago when the GDP was very strong due to strategic economic policies of previous UPA government. The GDP crisis begins at the end of 2016 when Modi declared Demonetization. This unplanned move hurt the economic growth of the country badly as it was hard for the business to recover the lack of currency in the market. As the result, GDP crashed form 7% to 6.1% in the previous quarter. This also put an end to once considered the fastest growing economy of India. After the demonetization has been declared, Indian GD is struggling hard to hit the benchmark of 7% again.

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Work done by Modi government till now failed to bring any drastic change in the financial year of 2017-18. The GDP figure failed to recover it record low. The Finance Minister addressed the nation on 29th December and put light on the fact that the slower economic growth resulted in the decreased growth in industry and service sector. The production sector is still having a hard time to recover from the poorly planned and forces policies of demonetization and GST by BJP government.

Industrial Output of Modi Government – 

If we take a look in any developing economy,, we will find that the manufacturing industries is the prominent element to carry the economy forward. Following the same ideology, Narendra Modi has launched a scheme of Make in India focused on the manufacturing sector. This scheme was believed to nurture the manufacturing industry and people came into its favor instantly. But the same people were the first to turn against this failed scheme by Narendra Modi due to is improper implementation. Work done by Modi government on this scheme turns out to be mere announcements and putting on some websites. The important projects like Rafael deal to manufacture a certain amount of aircraft in India could have turned into a welcome step for other countries to buy Indian made arms but the corrupt approach of BJP resulted in failure to bring any fruitful output from this deal.

The Index of Industrial Production of the first quarter this year had reached its three-year low figure of 5.7%. It is the lowest figure in NDA governance. This decline is the result of double pressure exerted on the Indian economy by demonetization and GST rollout affecting the Micro, Small and Medium industries severely. The demonization breaks the backbone of businesses which trade in cash by eliminating the physical money from the market. While the small businessmen were trying to make their businesses work again after being hit from demonetization, the GST bill implemented by BJP sucked out the working capital as major production companies withhold their orders and payment.

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GST and Inflation under Modi Government – 

Even though the GST bill resulted in a threat of economic crisis, Modi government leave no stone unturned to take its credit and sell it as a scheme for the future economic growth of the nation. In reality, GST bill was planned by Congress and subsequent government and it may have resulted better if executed by Dr. Manmohan Singh who has a deep understanding of the Indian economy. But the BJP government executed it senselessly without thinking about its impacts. It results in slower growth of economy from the very beginning.

Comparing the economical data, the inflation rate was the biggest setback of the work done by Modi government. The inflation hits the mark of 4.88% in November. A nation where 60% population buys ration on a weekly and monthly basis, inflation always hurt people badly.

Another major contribution of Modi government to set the economy back is the failure to manage the prices of the crops. The poorly planned crops policies on part of state governments brought a huge difference in prices within a period of few months. Taking onion as the example of such malpractice, it was priced at Rs. 6 per kg in June this year and its cost boosted to Rs 60 in November. This shows the failure to draft policies by the central and state governments.

How Modi Government performed overall?

In the last 4 years of Modi’s tenure, BJP has faced quite ups and downs. Demonetization and GST are the biggest failures of this government. The 15 lakh rupees promise was just a lie to increase the vote bank and Modi has managed to fool the entire nation with it. Modi’s so-called  ‘acche din’ are nowhere to be seen. Corruption has emerged significantly in BJP and the no actions were taken for the welfare to farmers. The import policy on pulses by Modi has resulted in the decrease of prices of farmers produce making them suffer from a huge loss.

Has Modi Government taken a tough stand against Pakistan?

PM Modi visited the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif house on the occasion of Nawaz’s Grand-daughter wedding. Coming back from Pakistan, Modi’s unexpected visit backfired as an attack on Pathankot airbase in Punjab by Pakistan based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed. The briyani policies of Narendra Modi were questioned and he faced a lot of criticism his famous ‘56 inch ka seena’ statement after he failed to maintain the peace with Pakistan. The nation questions his credibility again in 2016 when 19 soldiers were martyred in Uri attack.

PM Modi,

How is Modi government’s foreign policy faring?

If Modi government performance till now is measured on the number of foreign trips he made in the last four years then the party has an outstanding winning number. He made 33 trips and visited 50 countries to work on strengthening foreign policies and relations. Till now, he failed to develop a significant trade policy with any nation. The reach out to Pakistan and China in the early phase of his tenure ends up badly.

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