2019 Elections

After the grand success of BJP in Tripura and forming the government in Meghalaya despite getting only 2 seats in Meghalaya elections 2018 makes Narendra Modi the forerunner for 2019 elections. However, recent election results of Rajasthan bye-polls 2018, Madhya Pradesh bye-poll 2018 & Uttar Pradesh bye-polls 2018 has paused the BJP’s winning streak. Let’s look at the factors despite being losing these bye-polls elections, Modi is the still the forerunner for 2019 elections.

What is the mood of the nation for 2019 Elections?

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections are approaching and it seems that the country is gearing itself for the big battle. Last time, when the 16th Lok Sabha elections were held in 2014, NDA, led by Narendra Modi, swooped the elections by winning 336 seats in which BJP won 282 seats and the remaining seats were won by their allies. Now the question remains is that how will these five years of Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister will affect the elections of 2019?  Will there be any alternative to Narendra Modi? Will Narendra Modi be the Neta no.1? Who will lead the Indian National Congress?  How will Rahul Gandhi prepare for the elections?

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What will happen if Elections took place today?

To find out people’s opinion, many surveys took place across the country. ABP News carried one of the surveys between 1st May-5th May, among 11,373 respondents across 19 states at 584 locations. The result of the survey claims that NDA will once again win the elections easily with 331 seats, 5 seats less than 2014 elections, while UPA will win 104 seats and others will manage to win 108 seats. It also claims that Indian National Congress, who slumped to its worst electoral performance in the 2014 elections, will be defeated once again by Narendra Modi led NDA. When respondents were asked if Acche Din are here, 63% of the respondents replied positively, while 27% of them denied and the rest 10% refused to answer. Survey also claimed that BJP will suffer a minor loss in North India, but will have a significant gain in the eastern part of the country.

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Has Acche Din come for people?

According to the various surveys, 66% of the Hindu community thinks that Mr.Narendra Modi has been successful so far in bringing the Acche Din. People of the Muslim community shared a mix response on the matter. 43% of them accepted that the Acche Din are here, 45% of the people refused to accept it. Also, a majority of the Christians and the Sikhs believe that Acche Din is here.

2019 Elections


What do people think are the major problems in India?

2019 Elections

25% of the people believe that unemployment is the biggest problem of the country. 16% of the people believe poverty is the biggest problem, while 13% believe corruption is the real problem. Also, some people raised the issue of price rise, lack of development, black money as severe problems faced by the country. These are the challenges faced by the Modi government according to the people and Modi will have to get rid of them to bring Acche Din.

What are the chances of BJP in 2019 elections?

Majority of the population believes Narendra Modi is the best choice for becoming the Prime Minister. Many of them also believe that he is the best Prime Minister India has seen. On being asked, nearly half of the respondents wanted Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister again. The reason people want him to be the Prime Minister is his hard work, dedication, takes brave decisions and many more. 9% of the people wanted Rahul Gandhi to take the post, 3% voted for Sonia Gandhi, while 2% voted for Mayawati.

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Is Narendra Modi favourite among the youth?

The country has 356 million youth voters. Youth is as important as the adults in any country. It is certain that Narendra Modi is the clear favorite among the youth. There are many factors which have led to Modi being favorite. It may be Make In India or Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Modi has been able to impress the youth of the country. The youth believes the country needs a powerful person and a great leader like Narendra Modi.

How will demonetization affect the 2019 elections?

Narendra Modi took a brave step by bringing demonetization to the effect. Many people believe it is a great step by the government, while some of the population believes it has not done anything significant. There are many pros of demonetization. The difference between the rich and the poor has decreased. The country is moving towards a cashless economy. Demonetization has done a surgical strike on fake money. Terrorists are short of funds. But it had negative points too. It has caused a slight deflation in the market. Only 3% of the black money has been held in the cash form. Although the majority of the people are happy with the demonetization, Narendra Modi will have an upper hand in the upcoming elections.

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How will GST affect the 2019 Elections?

Recently, Goods and Service Tax (GST) was launched by the government. GST is a single taxation system that will reduce the number of indirect taxes. From now on, a single tax will cover up all the other taxes. So, what are the benefits of this bill? Definitely, the prices of products will reduce and the common men, who are fed up with high prices, will be benefited the most. Also, it would reduce the burden on the state and the central government. Also, GST will build a corruption-free taxation system. But along with these benefits, it will have some cons too. The introduction of GST will impact real estate market. This would increase home buying products by 8% and reduce buyers’ market by 12%. But overall, this seems to be another positive move by Narendra Modi, which will help him in the 2019 elections.

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So, as far as the 17th Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 are concerned, BJP is looking the strong favorite with Narendra Modi leading from the front. Indian National Congress’s road to the elections is looking a bit hazy unless they bring some fresh idea, which is very non-happening.


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